Fórum Xbox One Dedicated server runs but no one can join anymore.

  • Johneames -- OA -- Johneames napsal(-a) dne 04.10.2017 09:59
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    Im not sure if this has been discussed yet or not so sorry if it has. Ever since the last patch which was around 13gb for xbox one my dedicated server loads like normal. However as players now try to join, the join game button is still greyed out and unclickable. Also when it is joinable you will get a message that says "join failed". I have been resetting routers, consoles for the past 48 hours and its getting really bad. 15 consoles resets today alone and 7 router resets. After each reset you can join for about 5min to 30mins before players get kicked again. The server will continue to run as normal but as stated above two things will happen, greyed out join game button or join failed message. Again sorry if this has already been discussed but this just started after the last patch.


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